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Software and Datasets for 

Applied Asymptotics

Case Studies in Small-Sample Statistics

by A. R. Brazzale, A. C. Davison and N. Reid
(Cambridge University Press, 2007)



  • Download the packages of the former hoa package bundle for the Open Source environment R.
    The latest versions of the
    cond, marg, nlreg and csampling routines are available as a gzip-ed tar ball, a gzip-ed MacOS X binary and as a zip-ed Windows binary. A short review is:

    Brazzale, A.R. (2005). hoa: An R package bundle for higher order likelihood inference.
    R News, 5/1, 20-27.
  • Additional R routines and data sets to accompany the book are available free of charge. The fraser.reid package contains the fraser.reid function, and is available here as a gzip-ed tar ball, and here as a zip-ed Windows binary. The data sets not available in the cond, marg and nlreg packages can be found in the AA package, and can be downloaded from here as a gzip-ed tar ball, and from here as a zip-ed Windows binary.
  • Selected R code from the book you can download: the examples and case studies (to be updated) and the problems (to be updated). Note that the contents of these files are copyright of Cambridge University Press, 2007.

The R code presented in this page is the R code actually used to produce the Figures and Tables in the book. It was tested with the R version available while writing the book (2.4.0). There may be differences if the code is run with a more recent release, though we expect the differences to be mostly quite subtle.
The package bundle hoa was removed from the CRAN repository. Formerly available versions can be obtained from the

Any questions, comments or problems with the code should be addressed to alessandra.brazzale AT unipd.it.

We are grateful to Wei (Becky) Lin of the University of Toronto for her work in making the datasets available for the AA package.


Last updated on November 30, 2011