Curriculum Vitae

Fortunato Pesarin graduated in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences at the University of Rome in 1964, during year 1965 entered the University of Padua as Assistant Researcher, as Assistant Professor during year 1968, and since 1979 as Professor of Statistics at the Department of Statistical Sciences.

His main research interests are in:

-Nonparametric combination of dependent permutation tests with applications to Biomedicine, Industrial Statistics, Pharmacology.

-Multidimensional hypotheses testing with missing values.

-Multidimensional testing problems for isotonic inference.

-Multidimensional hypotheses testing for ordered categorical variables.

-Multidimensional hypotheses testing with mixed variables.

-Hypotheses testing with repeated measurements.

-Testing problems in presence of heteroscedasticity: C-sample multivariate Behrens-Fisher problem.

-Nonparametric multiway ANOVA.

-Exact permutation confidence intervals for functionals.

-In most of these fields he recently obtained original results. In particular the nonparametric combination method of dependent permutation tests (NPC) is the key allowing for effective solutions to a great variety of rather difficult multidimensional testing problems.