Curriculum Vitae

Giovanna Boccuzzo is full professor of social statistics at the Department of Statistical Sciences of the University of Padova.

Her areas of research are: composite indicators, social epidemiology (mainly measuring health in elderly people and construction of health indicators), methods in causal inference (mainly propensity score methods with multiple treatments, applied to the estimation of neighborhood effect to health outcomes).

She is professor of epidemiology and medical statistics both at master and undergraduate degree courses, and professor of sample survey at the undergraduate degree course of statistics.
Supervisor of several master degree students, of PhD Students and post-doc research fellows.

Member of the Scientific Board of the PhD program in Statistics (University of Padova), reviewer and evaluator of PhD candidates in Demography, Sapienza University of Rome reviewer of PhD candidates in Statistics for the Social Science, University of naples “Federico II”.

From 1995 to 2001 she has been researcher/senior researcher at the National Institute of Statistics, where she coordinated the Unit “Epidemiology and Health Indicators” (1995-1999) and coordinated the project “Disability Information System” (2000-2001), financed by the Ministry of Welfare.
From 2002 to mid 2006 she has been the Coordinator of the statistical activity of the Regional Observatory of the Pediatric Age of the Veneto Region.

From November 2017 she has been Co-editor of Social Indicator Research, a leading journal devoted to the measures of quality of life and the construction of social indicators.
Moreover, from 2009 to 2011 she has been editorial manager of the “Italian Journal of Applied Statistics”, and associate editor from 2001 until now. Refereeing activity for: Frontiers in Public Health, Social Indicator Research, Public Health, International Journal of Manpower, Quality and Quantity, Population Studies, Cardiology in the Young, Italian Journal of Applied Statistics.

Member of the Board of AIQUAV (Italian Association for the Studies in Quality of Life), member of the Italian Statistical Society, Italian Association of the Population Studies, Italian Association of Epidemiology, International Association of Survey Statisticians, International Biometric Society.

Projects leader:
2018-2019: Estimation of "Neighborhood Effect" on health outcomes in elderly people using propensity score techniques, financed by the Department of Statistical Science of the University of Padova
2013-2015: Methodology of composite indicators and their use for the evaluation of performance of municipalities and universities, financed by the University of Padova . Chair of the International Conference “Dealing with Complexity in Society: from plurality of data to synthetic indicators” (September 17 and 18, 2015., also Conference of the Group Social Indicators of the International Sociological Association. Guest Editor of the Special Issue of Social Indicator Research devoted to the Conference (April 2018, Volume 136, Issue 3,
2002-2006: Implementation of the statistical flow "Certificate of delivery care" and coordination of the “Birth registry of the Veneto region”, financed by the Veneto Region to the Regional Observatory of the Pediatric Age
2000-2001: coordinator of the project “Indicators on integration of disabled persons into social life”, financed by the European Commission to the National Institute of Statistics.

Other ongoing projects:
2018: Longitudinal Health and Mortality Study on metropolitan areas of the Veneto Region, included in the National Statistical Programme 2017-2019. Role: Scientific Coordinator.
2018: Cancer Network of the Veneto Region: Quality and effectiveness indicators of diagnostic-therapeutic paths. Role: statistics expert.
2017-ongoing. LoLa: Inter-university Laboratory of Longevity and Ageing. Role: responsible of the Unit of Padova.

2017, National Agency of Evaluation of University and Research: Financing of the research activity.
2012, ISQOLS (International Society of Quality of Life Studies) International Conference, Venice - Best Poster
2011 and 2013: productivity benefit, University of Padova (adopted by the University only in 2011 and 2013).

Main current institutional tasks:
Member of the Joint Commission Students-Professors of the School of Science
Member of the Department Board
Representative of the social and demographic area of the department
Member of the didactic commission
Member of the Governance Group of the Project of Excellence of the Department