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[1] Costantin, D., Sottosanti, A., Brazzale, A.R., Bastieri, D. and Fan, J.H. (2020). Bayesian mixture modelling of the high energy photon counts collected by the Fermi Large Area telescope.
[2] Mameli, V. and Brazzale, A.R. (2020). Likelihood asymptotics in nonregular settings: A review with emphasis on the likelihood ratio. 


[1] Pedrazzoli, S. and Brazzale, A.R. (2020).  Systematic review of surgical drains management in patients with pancreatic fistula after pancreaticoduodenectomy.  Draining-tract-targeted management works better than standard management
[2] Serafini, S., Brazzale, A.R., Burantin, A., Valmasoni, M., Ponzoni, A., Pierobon, E.S., Moletta, L. and Sperti, C. (2020). Systematic review and meta-analysis of surgical treatment for pancreatic cancer recurrence




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