aa: data archive

Data4AA - Data for Applied Asymptotics

This directory contains the data from the book Applied Asymptotics (2007) published by Cambridge University Press.

Questions or comments regarding the book should be addressed to alessandra.brazzale AT unipd.it or anthony.davison AT epfl.ch or reid AT utstat.toronto.edu. Comments and questions about this data directory should be addressed to: alessandra.brazzale AT unipd.it.

The file INDEX.txt contains the names of the data as listed in this directory including a brief description.

Each data set is provided in two formats: dataset.txt (data tabulated in ASCII format) and dataset.rda (R data format). The first is read using read.table(..., header = TRUE), while the second is load()ed. The dataset.dat help files are in ASCII format.

The gzip-ed tar ball can be downloaded here; the zip-ed Windows archive is availabe here.

achd.dat achd.rda achd.txt
acme.dat acme.rda acme.txt
aircondit.dat aircondit.rda aircondit.txt
babies.dat babies.rda babies.txt
boothb.dat boothb.rda boothb.txt
C1.dat C1.rda C1.txt
C2.dat C2.rda C2.txt
C3.dat C3.rda C3.txt
C4.dat C4.rda C4.txt
calcium.dat calcium.rda calcium.txt
calib.dat calib.rda calib.txt
cost.dat cost.rda cost.txt
daphnia.dat daphnia.rda daphnia.txt
darwin.dat darwin.rda darwin.txt
dental.dat dental.rda dental.txt
helicopter.dat helicopter.rda helicopter.txt
hirose.dat hirose.rda hirose.txt
houses.dat houses.rda houses.txt
hubble.dat hubble.rda hubble.txt
leuk.dat leuk.rda leuk.txt
lung.cancer.dat lung.cancer.rda lung.cancer.txt
M2.dat M2.rda M2.txt
M4.dat M4.rda M4.txt
manufact.dat manufact.rda manufact.txt
nuclear.dat nuclear.rda nuclear.txt
reactor.dat reactor.rda reactor.txt
ria.dat ria.rda ria.txt
risk.dat risk.rda risk.txt
Traffic.dat Traffic.rda Traffic.txt
treePref.dat treePref.rda treePref.txt
treeSurv.dat treeSurv.rda treeSurv.txt
urine.dat urine.rda urine.txt
voltage.dat voltage.rda voltage.txt
wasps.dat wasps.rda wasps.txt


Last updated on December 2, 2011