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Reviews of

Applied Asymptotics

Case Studies in Small-Sample Statistics

by A. R. Brazzale, A. C. Davison and N. Reid
(Cambridge University Press, 2007)


This document contains the following reviews.
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  • M. C. Jones in Journal of Applied Statistics, 2008, 35(1), pp. 125-126.
  • "This is a somewhat unorthodox book, but a welcome one. It is about the application — yes, the application — of the higher order asymptotics of likelihood theory. ..."

  • A. Robinson in Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 2008, 171(2), pp. 504-505.
  • "This is a very welcome book, on a very important topic. The authors demonstrate the use of applied asymptotics for estimation and inference on a wide range of case-studies. Overall the book is a solid and useful contribution to applied statistics. Students of statistics and practising statisticians will find much to study and learn here. ..."

  • L. Waldorp in Biometrics, 2008, 64(2), p. 660.
  • "... By writing this book, I think the authors have succeeded in making higher order theory more accessible and they will succeed in getting more scientists involved in this theory ..."

  • M. J. Crowder in International Statistical Review, 2007, 75(3), pp. 424-425.
  • "... However, accepting that the models are pragmatically correct, the authors here show some impressive results. The improved accuracy of higher-order asymptotics in the examples shown here is quite eye catching, even when applied to samples of size one. One is left with the uncomfortable feeling of laziness in routinely relying on the usual (first-order) theory, though the authors are too polite to put this into words. ..."

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