Curriculum Vitae

Gianpiero Dalla Zuanna was born in Padua, Italy (23.6.60). After his degree in Statistics (1984), he worked for 3 years as junior researcher in the Regional Administration of Venice. During 1988-90 he studied for PhD in Demography at the University of Florence. He worked as Researcher in Demography and Statistics at the University of Rome (1990-98), and as Associate Professor at the University of Messina (in Sicily) and Padua (1999-2004). Since 2005, he has been full professor in Demography at the university of Padua (Italy).

Starting from 1988, his main research field is the marital and reproductive behaviour in the developed countries. He has used several quantitative methods, dealing with both individual and territorial data, adopting both a descriptive and an interpretative approach.

He collaborated with Italian scholars of other disciplines (economists, sociologists, statisticians) with the aim of better understanding the causes of Italian marital and reproductive behaviour. During 1990-98 he participated to the Italian Fertility and Family Survey, coordinating the part on Genders, Couples and Generations. During 2000-05 he coordinated an international survey on the sexual behaviour of university students. He coordinated several statistical sampling surveys, on different topics. He is an expertise of sampling and missing values problems.

He spent some research periods in Tokyo and Moscow, with the aim of comparing Italian, Japanese and Russian marital and reproductive behaviour, collaborating with Japanese and Russian demographers. In the period June-September 2004 he was visiting researcher at the ANU (Australian National University) in Canberra, studying  from a general viewpoint  the connections between social mobility and fertility and the reproductive behaviour of Italians living in Australia.

He organized the session Politics to increase Italian fertility, during the Conference Social Policies and the Family promoted by Italian Ministry of Welfare (Bologna, March 1999).

He is a member of the Italian Statistical Society from 1.4.87, the IUSSP from 1.1.92, the EAPS from 1.1.93, the Italian Society of Historical Demography from 28.4.94. From January 1992 he is in the editorial boarding of Genus, and during 1994-98 he was the executive editor. Since 2005, he has been in the Scientific Board of Cattaneo, in Bologna.