Here you can access to some R software where I have given my contribution:  

pdfCluster: an R package for clustering based on nonparametric density estimation. In collaboration with Adelchi Azzalini

ROSE - Random OverSampling Events: an R package for imbalanced classification. In collaboration with Nicola Lunardon and Nicola Torelli.  See Lunardon et al. (2014, RJ) 

BsMc - Bandwidth Selection for Modal Clustering: some R routines for bandwidth selection in kernel desnity estimation to address a clustering task. In collaboration with Alessandro Casa and José E. Chacon. See Casa et al (2020, EJS) 

NPCImaSe - Nonparametric Clustering for Image Segmentation: some R routines for Image Segmentation. See Menardi (2019, SADM)

DeCoDe -Density based Community Detection: some R routines for Community Detection in Social networks. See Menardi and De Stefano (2020).