Reserch interests 

o Analysis of university oucomes. I studied the (individual al contextual) determinats of successful and unsucessful at university in a longitudinal approach (with the use of multilevel models with competing risks). Som in depth studies regarded the motivations (with latent class models) and the study of efficacy of some interventions such as tutoring. 

o Analysis of social newtorks, in particular of ego-centered social network.

o Influence of economic and social context on demographic behaviours, in particular on fertility choices (using multilevel models).

o  Formation of reproductive behaviour and importance of fertility intentions (using simultaneous equations models).

o Demographic, economic and social consequences of marital instability. In particular, economic consequences of marital unions’ separations have been studied in depth. In addition, using event history analysis, I examined the consequences in terms of individual life course, considering unions and births following marital disruptions.

o Analysis of the sexual behaviours of Italians.

o  Minors’ living conditions.

o   Elderly well-being and successfull ageing.

o   Analysis of university drop-out.

o Internal migrations.



Participation in research projects

  2017-2019 Project within the Joint Programming Initiative “More Years, Better Lives” “Project CREW – Care, retirement and wellbeing of older people across different welfare regimes”(Coordinated by Prof. B. Arpino).

2017-2018 University Project "TFT Model: teacher, peer and service turoring for university students empowerment" (Coordinated by Prof. C. Biasin).

o 2013-2016 Project within the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme “Chainging families and sustainable societies: policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations(Coordinated by Prof. Livia S. Oláh).

o   2012-2013 Project CO.SI.L.PO. "Research, Formation,and profession for the development of the competences in younger generations within an open dialogue between school world and work in Polesine (coordinated by Prof. Ettore Felisatti).

o   2011-2012 Strategic Project "Learning difficulties and disabilities from primary School to University: diagnosis, intervention, and services for the community". (coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Zago).

o   2010-2012 University project "Successful ageing: definitions, circumstances, implications" (coordinated by Prof. Stefano Mazzuco).

o   Project of National Interest Prin 2007 "Life course dynamics between context and strong ties" (Coordinator of the Unit of Padova: prof. F. Ongaro)

o Project of National Interest Prin 2004 "Italians' sexuality: orientations, values and behaviours" (Coordinator of the Unit of Padova: prof. G. Dalla Zuanna). 

o Project of National Interest Prin 2004 "Family instability: causal factors and demographi, economic and sociale consequences" (Coordinator of the Unit of Padova: prof. F. Ongaro).